Lost dog reunites with Lansing family 3 years after disappearance

Published: May. 26, 2023 at 7:10 PM EDT
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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - In a remarkable turn of events, a Lansing family was joyfully reunited with their beloved four-legged companion, Bella.

Bella, who disappeared from the family home three years ago, was found Thursday in Jackson.

Thanks to a microchip found in Bella, Jackson County Animal Control Officer Shawn Lutz was able to bring the dog back home to Justin Shattuck and his family.

Bella had been living with a family in Jackson who took her in three years ago. They were sad to see her go but happy she is where she belongs.

Shattuck said Bella jumped the backyard fence three years ago from their Lansing home. After months turned to years, he thought he would never see Bella again.

She was found by Lutz after she got loose yet again. When Bella was scanned for a microchip, Shattuck and his family were notified that Bella had been found in Jackson.

“I honestly thought they had the wrong dog or number because he was from Jackson and I am from Lansing. I didn’t think that Bella, my dog Bella, would be down in Jackson,” Shattuck said. “I thought they might have had a dog that looked like her, but he said they ran the chip and it was her. I couldn’t believe it. I was overcome with emotion because I haven’t seen her in three years.”

“Three years is a bit of a long time,” Lutz said. “We have had them a few months here and there, but to go three years out and to get the dog back to their family is pretty unique and amazing.”

Justin said the only difference he noticed in Bella is her weight and the family in Jackson must have taken really good care of her.

According to Jackson County Animal Control, a microchip is only $25 and is the best way to find your pet in case they are ever lost.

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