Carrie Colligan

Senior Account Executive / Regional Sales
Carrie Colligan

Favorite thing about being an Advertising Sales Rep?

I love watching a business grow and thrive with the help of advertising with me/WILX. I love getting to know the business owner(s), their wants, their dreams, their business goals and being there to help each business owner reach them. I love getting to know each person not only on a professional level, but as a friend who will always be here to help them and always do the right thing for them. If they win, I win – and I like winning!

Two truths and a Lie:

1. I renovate and flip houses for fun.

2. I own real estate in Aruba.

3. I caught my house on fire once.

What is your ideal vacation?

On a sunny, sandy beach, reading a book, drinking a fruity cocktail with a colorful little umbrella sticking out of it, while sharing time with a special somebody. Low key and relaxing….away from technology!

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